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Stray Witch: The Novel

The Vampires of Emberbury Series

Stray Witch: A Tale of Witches, Vampires and Magic

by - April 11, 2020

stray witch book

Book 1 in The Vampires of Emberbury Series by Eva Alton

Alba is an unknowing witch running away from a bad marriage. 
Clarence is a suspiciously cheerful vampire with a couple of skeletons in his closet...

Alba Andersson’s soon-to-be ex-husband is determined to ruin her life. Her only way out of the wicked hell he’s envisioned for her is through accepting a job for a very peculiar company, which operates off the catacombs under Saint Anne’s graveyard... and is owned by vampires.
Divorce was never easy. But separating from a professional divorce lawyer is Alba’s personal definition of hell.
Alba is about to lose her daughters, her home and her dignity.
The good part? Her husband doesn’t know he’s dealing with a real witch.
The bad one? She doesn’t know it, either.
Alba is about to find out that, sometimes, the scariest monster isn’t the one with fangs.

stray witch eva alton

A vampire romance novel about a lost witch recovering her self-esteem, a seemingly cheerful vampire with a tortured past, and a second chance at love after separation and heartbreak.

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