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Stray Witch: The Novel

The Vampires of Emberbury Series

Welcome to The Cloister, Emberbury

by - May 30, 2020

Welcome to The Cloister, Emberbury.
Where Witch Blood is a safety requirement!

Finally a Witch & Vampire Novel with
→NO teenagers,
NO academies,
And LOTS of witty banter!
Also available on Kindle Unlimited.

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the cloister the vampires of emberbury stray witch

What readers are saying about the Novel Stray Witch (a million thanks to all of them! I love you, wherever you are!):

"This was a very fun read. The author with her narrative transported me to a magical world..." 

"(This book) hits all the feels, making you laugh and cry, sigh and gasp as you follow Alba..." 

"The plot grabbed my interest from the start... (the book) had me pulled in to the end..."

"This (novel) is well written and the characters are fantastic (...) I couldn't put it down and I look forward to the next book!"

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