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Witches' Elements Update

by - March 30, 2022

 I have news for those who are waiting for Witches' Elements!

Witches' Elements is the final book in The Vampires of Emberbury Series

TL;DR: New pre-order date: 14th of July 📅

✍️ Long version:

I didn't feel comfortable with the pre-order date I had set for June 2022, and I realised I've been putting too much pressure on myself to finish this book. 2021 was a trying year personally and professionally, and I'm also working on soooo many projects at once that I really need a break next month! So, after much thought, I've decided to delay the publishing date until July, at least for now. Because, as we know, sane authors write better books, so happier authors = happier readers!

This is the last book in The Vampire's of Emberbury Series and as you know, I'm going to kill all the characters, so it will be worth the wait, then you can leave me awful reviews saying what a mean author I am. (Just joking, I was just checking who reads everything until the end!).

Please don't worry, I'll probably allow a few of them to remain alive (or undead) but definitely expect a few surprises!

I apologise for the delay and send you all big hugs (But also, I know most of you own more books than you can read).

And of course you can still pre-order it now! CLICK HERE

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