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Upcoming books, Madrid & a Dark Secret

by - June 08, 2022

I JUST GOT BACK FROM MADRID, and yes, I am going to show you photos of my trip...

BUT FIRST, I need to reveal to you an extremely important secret (and no, it's NOT about my upcoming witch & vampire book). As for the trip, let me just say it was a-ma-zing! Right when I was on the edge of writer's burnout, I had the most incredible time, met lots of fellow authors and came back with plenty of ideas for new books... and, actually, this is how I figured out Santa's best kept secret. I know it's not Christmas yet, but now you have 6 months to digest what I'm about to tell you, which is probably for the best...

Picture it.

  • Centre of Madrid, 4:00 PM.
  • 33 ºC, 91ºF
  • A few exhausted writers discussing absurd ideas for novels while trying to keep their brain cells from melting in the sweltering heat.


Let me give you a few data about the suspect:

🎅Santa Claus, aka Father Christmas,

  • 1.750 years old according to Google,
  • Comes out only at night,
  • Incredibly rich (enough to buy presents for half the world),
  • Can move at the speed of light,
  • If he visits your house, you better hide,
  • Loves red... blood red.

See where I'm getting at?
But anyway, I promised you photos of the location, didn't I?

20 books madrid 2022

In other news:

Witches' Elements might or might not be ready for launch on the 15th of July, but I'm trying to get to The North Pole ASAP so I make a deal with Santa and then I won't have to sleep ever again and I'll be able to write books at double speed... promotional banner below, for your enjoyment, and pre-order link for those who believe in me and my abilities to finish this book on time: LINK

witches elements by eva alton

And, in case you didn't figure it out on your own yet, YES...







Poor reindeer.

  • PS: IF you haven't started my series yet, you should probably start HERE

the vampires of emberbury eva alton

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