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Stray Witch: The Novel

The Vampires of Emberbury Series

Witches' Elements and Writing The End

by - July 14, 2022

It has been such a bittersweet feeling, writing The End to this book and this series. This story is very dear to me, and its end marks the end of many other things. Feels like the end of an era...

In this last book, our favourite witch will have to cast an elemental spell to defeat the most powerful vampire in the world... there might also be a proposal, with a vampire hanging upside down from a tree in a graveyard, a ring falling on her eye, and the possibility she might say no because... read it to find out why!


I can promise you Stray Witch is not just another vampire story. All readers have said it is very unique: some loved it, some hated it... but all critics agree about its originality. You will have to decide for yourself... and I'm looking forward to hearing YOUR opinion ❤️

Today is Witches' Elements launch day (last book in the series!), which means now you can officially read the whole series on Kindle Unlimited (or eBook, or paperback... audiobook too, although the last book will take a little while to be on Audible!). And this is me, finally holding all my children books:

eva alton author
If you haven't read any of my books, start with STRAY WITCH.

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