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Stray Witch: The Novel

The Vampires of Emberbury Series

Stray Witch: The Novel

by - May 26, 2020

Clueless Witch Meets Quirky Vampire


“The highly original plot combines the best of paranormal with the best of romance. (…) Each character is lovingly detailed, vivid in perspective. The slow teasing out of each’s history allows for a tantalizing, unputdownable read.” (The Booklife Prize critic’s report)

“I loved this story! The pacing was steady, and the characters were well-developed and realistic. I found it very easy to relate to Alba, to sympathize with her, and to cheer her on as she fought to protect her daughters and start a new life. I really liked Clarence, the mysterious gentlemanly vampire. I was especially intrigued by his dark past and wanted to know more. I also enjoyed the slow-burn romantic subplot between Alba and Clarence.” (Angela’s Book Addiction)

“Written in the alternating first-person perspective of Alba and Clarence, the reader is allowed a glimpse into their intertwined lives as two people who shouldn't have fallen in love try to discover their feelings and themselves. (...) Self-discovery, romance, heartbreak, and challenges fill this sweet romance in which you can't help but root for the main characters.” (Reader’s Favorite)

Alba is about to lose everything during an awful divorce... until she meets The Vampires of Emberbury, who have a very interesting proposition for her.
She will get to know Clarence, a vampire who thinks cloaks and top hats are still in fashion... 

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