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Stray Witch: The Novel

The Vampires of Emberbury Series


Once upon a time I used to draw people's homes so they could build them in the real world. Now I build imaginary worlds on blank pages for them to dream of better places.

Eva Alton is an author of paranormal romance, urban fantasy and mystery novels. She has been writing stories since the first time she held a pencil and has a tendency to devour books of all genres in her free time.

§  The Vampire’s Assistant (Book 0: The Vampires of Emberbury Prequel: Julia’s story). Read this prequel novella for free subscribing to Eva's newsletter.

Eva lives in a small coastal city by the Mediterranean Sea, although she often astral travels to The Cloister, Emberbury, to check on her characters.
You can contact her through the contact form in her website or write an email to evajoanalton (a)

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Here's an interview originally published in author JL Rothstein's newsletter:

Indie Author Spotlight: Five Questions With... Eva Alton

First Let the readers know a little about yourself and your book.

My name is Eva and I love writing and reading. Stray Witch was my first novel in the paranormal genre. It’s a love story between a witch who doesn’t know she is a witch and a vampire gentleman who still keeps his Victorian manners. They make a really sweet couple, and their relationship is a mixture between what you find in paranormal and regency romances, sprinkled with humour and darker moments, too.

Question 1: What is the name of your book and how did you get started?

Stray Witch tells the story of a woman who is going through a terrible divorce when a clan of vampires offer her a job. The story started with a glimpse of how old-fashioned vampires could live discreetly in our modern world. The whole situation is sometimes quite absurd, and it lends itself well to humorous situations. I tried to use humour and love as a fairy tale background to highlight deeper social issues.

Question 2: How do you attract new readers?

With magic spells, of course! Just joking. I don’t know, I do my best to put my book in front of people, but I try not to be salesy because I can’t stand it when others do that. I try to be present on social media and I strive to be available and helpful whenever someone approaches me. I have a monthly newsletter, too.

Questions 3: What is something about yourself most people don’t know?

I am a Tarot reader in my free time and I use my cards when I need guidance with my writing.

Question 4: What is a typical day of writing look like for you?

I make myself a huge cup of tea then I start doing mundane administrative tasks until my brain wakes up. To be honest, I can’t write properly until it gets dark outside. Maybe that’s why I can relate to vampires so well.

Question 5: What projects are you working on right now?

Right now (June 2020) I’m putting the finishing touches to Witch’s Mirror, the second book in my series. Most of this book happens in Como, Italy. I was there last summer right before I started to write the first draft. 

And any other information you would like to include for our readers?

I’d like to thank Jennifer for this interview. She’s a great writer and a very supportive person, too. Thank you, Jennifer! If you want to know more about Jen, she writes Urban Fantasy and here you can read my review of her book, Atonement.

About Stray Witch:

Stray Witch is a story of vampires and witches... and much more. It tells the story of an atypical heroine overcoming a terrible mistake, intertwined with a slow-burn romance with lots of chemistry and quick-witted remarks. This Paranormal Romance will delight Magical Realism and Paranormal Women's Fiction readers alike.

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