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Hidden Notes

by - November 01, 2023

Family secrets always resurface... if not in life, then after death.

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Spain, 1937. In the midst of the Spanish Civil War, a young woman crosses Europe for love, forced to exile herself in former Yugoslavia. Carmen never thought that her secret, hidden since the forties, would come to light in the 21st century…

An 18th-century inheritance that can save a woman with no future.
A ghost with a debt to settle.

Madrid, 2016. After receiving a visit from her late mother’s ghost, Vesna travels to a tiny country in Central Europe in search of an enigmatic inheritance. A failed musician accompanies her on her quest, during which they will unearth family mysteries buried amid the ruins of World War II-occupied Europe.

A story told in three voices by three generations of one family; three women bound by decades of secrets and troubles that must be unraveled if they want to find peace.

What readers are saying about Hidden Notes:

"You immediately immerse yourself in the character of Vesna and her ghosts. I love her character and irony. The romantic relationship with Max keeps you in suspense, while the grandmother's story during the war unfolds in alternating chapters and compels you to keep reading..." —G. G.

A historical fantasy romance fiction that straddles the present, the Spanish Civil War, and World War II, and will captivate readers of Lucinda Riley, Kate Morton, and V. E. Schwab alike.

Dive into this romantic suspense novel where intrigues are masterfully intertwined, creating an impossible-to-put-down read that combines elements of our cultural heritage with a supernatural thriller plot.

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Hidden Notes is a fantasy romance mystery with historical family secrets, ghosts, travel, and suspense.

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